Thai Children

How You Can Get Involved

One of our main goals is to get you involved. We want you to help our cause and make a difference. Right now, you can get involved by telling your friends, family, peers, and community about the us.

Donating is simple and quick. Just select a smile correction opportunity from the dropdown menu below and click on the "Buy Now" button...It's that easy.

Put our information and link information on your facebook, twitter, or any social networking site. With all these possibilities, all can help to make a difference.

You can also take initiative and try to raise money on your own, by coordinating your own community outreach as an organized event or door to door solicitation. We are open to any suggestions for fundraising. Please contact us by email. We will be sure to get back to you at the soonest time possible.

You can contact us through email:

Please donate to this wonderful cause today!

Child with Bilateral Cleft Lip Deformity on Recent Mission Trip to Columbia
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You can help make a difference
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