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About Cleft Lip and Palate Deformities

Cleft lip and palate deformities are two types of birth defects that occur during the formation of the fetus during the first three months of pregnancy.

During that time when the nose, lip, palate, and jaw are supposed to fuse, the failure of fusion results in a deformity known as a cleft lip or palate. Cleft lips are a gap in between the nose and mouth. They can be slight (extending halfway between the nose and lip) or severe (extending all the way to the nose).

A cleft palate is a huge fissure on the roof of the mouth that makes it extremely difficult to drink, eat, speak, and even breathe. T.H.A.I. Children aims to repair these deformities through various surgical procedures.

People who have cleft lips and palates often suffer extreme discrimination from peers and those in their community. Many are terrified and ashamed of the people with these facial disfigurements. In fact, in Uganda, people born with these deformities are named “Ajok”, which directly translates to “cursed by god”.

Many newborns are either killed or abandoned at birth. Millions suffer from these deformities today, and many are born as we speak. Thankfully, cleft lips and palates are treatable with surgery.

This pro-bono work restores lives.

So far, T.H.A.I. Children has helped repair hundreds of cleft lip and palate deformities.

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