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T.H.A.I. (Through Healing All Indigent) Children is an organization founded by Andrew Jacono, a senior in Manhasset High School. The organization was created to help impoverished children in third world countries receive free medical care for their facial deformities. These deformities include cleft lip and palate birth defects and other facial disfigurements, like microtia, congenital hematomas, and hemifacial microsomia.

To help them, T.H.A.I. Children aims to raise money for surgical supplies and equipment necessary for medical mission trips. All Funds are used for supplies and none are used to pay for travel expenses for professionals or support staff to these locations.

Working in partnership with Healing the Children Foundation, T.H.A.I. children holds dear the indispensable values of pro-bono surgery, raising awareness for esoteric disfigurements, and philanthropy. When the money is raised, the journey begins.

A team of surgeons, usually a group of 30-50, venture to the countries with medical supplies to give aid to hundreds of children with facial disfigurements. Smiles and self-esteem will be restored, restoring each child’s hope and desire to become better people as they grow older. Not only does T.H.A.I. Children help give children the self-esteem and confidence that they deserve, but it also teaches the children lessons about morality and philanthropy.

So far, T.H.A.I. Children has raised over $50,000 that has all been used toward the surgeries of children on the medical missions that Andrew ventures on. Through online donations, bracelet selling, and sponsorships for Andrew’s mountaineering expeditions, T.H.A.I. Children has branched out and raised awareness about facial disfigurements all across the globe. T.H.A.I. Children hopes to garner your support so that you too can make a difference, one person at a time, or in this case, one smile at a time.

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T.H.A.I. Children Mission 2012
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